Call Center

Establishing and managing a call center is a complex ordeal that requires a lot of attention from business owners and does not always provide the results expected. A business owner who focuses predominantly on customer management often tends to give less attention to other essential aspects of the business, which sometimes requires more attention. Fortunately, Big Brain Digital Marketing has a solution for those businesses trying to manage their customer service effectively while running their business efficiently. With Big Brain Digital Marketing Call Center Service, you will not have to worry about customer support and management anymore. Thanks to our call center services, you can sleep tight knowing that your customer management is in good hands and focus on making your business a success.

Our call center services cover
all business needs in customer management

Our call center service’s objective is to offer you fully functional, efficient, and converting customer management services that will not limit themselves to answering customers’ calls but will also participate in the growth and success of your business. We use our expertise in customer management and lead conversion to transform your prospect’s customers into sales-qualified leads. Whatever the industry in which you do business, our customer management teams and call center experts will provide you with adapted services that will boost your sales and grow your business’s reputation.

Our Call Center Services

Booking Services

Get your company the fastest and most effective and practical booking services. We offer all businesses a booking platform with responsive inbound and outbound functionalities.

Lead Response Management

Increase your lead conversion rate and take the head of your industry with advanced lead response management. Big Brain Digital Marketing uses every call as an opportunity to transform your potential customers into qualified leads.

Call Reception Services

Every customer’s call your business misses is a financial loss and a missed opportunity. At Big Brain Digital marketing, the phone never rings twice. Our teams are available 24/7, making every customer call a profit for your business.

Appointment management Services

Customer services do not end when an appointment for your services has been set. That is why we have a management team that sets up and follows up appointments before and after your services have been carried out. With our easy appointment setting system and effective appointment management, you will save time and make high profits quickly.

Technical Support

Build trust in your customers with our responsive technical support service. We work with trained and experienced professionals and experts in various fields such as home services, healthcare, insurance, and many others. With our responsive technical service and trained customer service representatives, you will retain customers and grow your client base.

Save Time and Get Things Done Easily With
Our Virtual Front Desk

Big brain digital marketing also simplifies how you receive your customers and interact with them through our innovative and user-friendly virtual front desk. With our virtual front desk, you will not have to deal with the complex and repetitive tasks that receptionists in your concurrent companies face. Instead, with our automated reception system, you will be able to receive your customers, get and store their information and follow them up in a smooth and organized manner.


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